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Old Lar:
Hey Larry. We are pretty much out of communication with the Fiero community here in Florida. What we have are 4 GT rims with above average tires. The rims are way above average. No curb rash period. Also 2 perfect drip rails from a GT. Price for all four tires and rims is $150. The drip rails are $50. So if you know anyone let me know.

I got a note from Wayne.  If interested let me know and I'll get back to Wayne Kitzerow.  Wayne is a snow bird from Wisconsin.

I ll take  the  drip  rails  if  no one  has  claimed  them yet -  Thanks - - - -

Old Lar:
I sent Wayne a note that you wanted the drip rails.

Thx  Larry -  Merry Christmas ---

Old Lar:
Wayne was in central America on vacation.  He can be reached at 863-853-5701.  He is in Lakeland


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