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Old Lar:
 :angry: Something spilled on my 87 GT's hood, nose and fender that bubbled the clear coat and maybe the paint.  I need to get some motivation the start a cleanup.  Should I sand the surface with some fine grit wet/dry paper to see how bad the area is?  Or just go to town and sand everything  down, the get the panels repainted?

When removing the nose emblem, I believe there is a nut that screws on to the post for the emblem.  Does anyone know if it is accessible without removing the nose?  I'm getting too old to be climbing around under the car as I did when I worked on my 88 GT.

Any good paint shops that are willing to take on small jobs.  The last time many close by me didn't want to touch small jobs. 

Real fine wet sanding can not hurt if your careful

If your parent you can bring the car over and we can throw it on the life to get at the badge nut.

Heck I don't remember if it can be pulled without pulling the bumper.

How about the guy down on Avacado in Melbourne

Old Lar:
I'll have to check on Menace paint shop.  I had heard he closed down.  I remember when I was at Twin Lakes years ago, Bob was able to get at the nose badge from under the car.  I picked up some wet/dry 2000 grit sand paper and need to locate my sanding block somewhere in the garage.

If you remove all of the small screws on the top rail you can slide your hand under there enough to get it off. It does however help if you have little girl hands

Old Lar:
I started some wet sanding and it looks like it goes down to the paint.  I now need to remove the hood to do a lot of sanding on the hood.  :(   Time to get out the power sander.

It looks like the fender was repainted in the past, but since I've had the car since new, I don't recall having that done.  :confused:


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