October 2016 car shows


OK gang, I've heard the mumoring. "2manycars, why don't you give us advance notice of these great Fiero activities so we can all go"?

Well here it is peeps, two, great October events.

First is the 10th annual Silver Springs all GM car show. No details necessary. Great show, popular with Fiero lovers every year:

If you're looking for something more Florida "down home", there's the lesser know Mim's Mullet Fest with car show.

If features lots of Church patron baked goods for the sweet toothed:

Of course lots of fresh Mullet, prepared as only Mims finest outdoor master chefs can do:

Popular contests like Mim's Mullet Man (Uhlanstan's name immediately popped in mind)

and the always competitive, crowd pleasing, one of a kind "Frozen Mullet toilet toss":

Mmm, hmm, tough choices.

Get those Fieros shined up and head out for a weekend of thrills.


Well peeps:

Saturday I decided to go with the Mims festival. The weather report wasn't looking positive and I figured if I was going to get rained out better that it happen close to home.

When we got to Mims parking was difficult but could tell by the entrance sign to the car show this was going to be a "first class" affair:

We entered looking forward to what might lie ahead:

Actually there was quite a collection of cars spread out before us, and the owners waited enthusiastically to greet the patrons:

There was quite the line up of custom trucks:

This guy brought his own music with a hand crank victrola:

as I said, a "lot" of trucks:

this "is" Mims however:

A nice selection of Detroit iron as well:

In my teenage years, before I had a car, the thought of taking a date out in the family Nova or Comet was not a pleasant thought. In the case of these two however, I might have made an exception:

There were some other heavily modifieds, with more attention to engines and horsepower than common sense might otherwise dictate:

As expected, lots of street rods:

and some that just seemed to fit in a class of their own:

No, there were no Fieros to be seen!

However, this was more than a car show, it was a Festival. All roads led to fun: (unless you're going to New York)!

Fun for the kids climbing rock towers!

(not so much fun for mom)!

wanna take a sledge hammer wac to an SUV?

Dad would never let you do that with his car!

There were dogs:

small dogs and dog owners:

and big dogs looking for small dogs! (It was after all getting close to lunch)!

Of course Mrs 2manycars always finds the Arts and Crafts:

Wondering what to do with those worn out wrenches? How about a Mullet mobile for the Man Cave?

Speaking of Mullet, it's lunch time and time to try that Florida river delicacy:

We got in line for our tickets:

it was a long line!

it ended at a make shift outhouse in front of the Church!

We had planned ahead and reserved a semi-private table!

The mullet was a delight prepared by some of Mims finest outdoor chefs. With hand rubbed seasonings and grilled to perfection it was accompanied by cole slaw (I skipped the grits) and some hush puppies to set the taste. Yum, yum:

The entertainment was .  .  . well it was like being front row at Prairie Home Companion!

We splurged on an after dinner treat:

We soon joined the throngs waiting for the afternoon contest - the frozen Mullet toss!
The spectators could barely contain their excitement:

shoes were optional (this is Mims after all)!

The targets were carefully placed on the playing field:

The contestants checked out the field conditions:

Soon the Mullets were brought out, "Let the Games begin!

ahhh, so close:

right on the seat!

and so it went all afternoon:

No I don't know who won or by how many points. My heart just couldn't stand the suspense and all the fine plays. I headed back home for a beer!

Missed another one folks.


Very nice Marc!


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