A German Car Show


Hey out there my not so frequent followers, it's time to put some excitement back in this Forum.

Nothing does that better than pictures.

A few of you are aware the last part of August into September the wife and I were visiting Europe for our 35th Anniversary. Being the good car guy I am I stumbled across a car show while in Germany.

This event was in the small town of Wesselling situated between the larger metro areas of Bonn and Cologne. It was billed as the "Old Timers" show which I initially took to be reference to the age of the collectors!

Many of the name plates I didn't recognize and some I couldn't pronounce! I skipped the one or two Mustangs and Corvettes, but here are a few of my favorites.

Being Germany a good place to start is with a Mercedes. They're as plentiful as Ford Fiestas there but this particular car deserves kudos:

I'm not sure of this one but looks like something 2002z28ssconv would go for:

How about matching car and Vespa (Europeans love their Vespas):

There were of course Triumphs and Fiats:

This was a German's version of a Gangster car:

complete with Tommy gun in the rear (that thing looked "real"):

My wife and daughter-in-law found something more to their liking!

but she really took a shine to this one:

This one derserved some snaps:

Wouldn't be a car show without some bikes:

and the German equivalent of a biker babe!:

One I didn't know and couldn't pronounce:

I told you earlier this was the "Old Timers" car show. Well Old Timer is German slang for Vintage Car.

This sign says "Beautiful Vintage Cars are like beautiful women. If they don't belong to you, just look, don't touch!

Seems like good words to close with.

Later - Marc

Very cool ! Thanks marc for sharing. There are actually a decent number of fiero owners over there.

Very nice indeed

Great Photos

Thanks.  That BMW would be fun indeed.


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