back surgery no. 7

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Happy anniversary!

Yeah you got a keeper  :)

Best of luck to ya, and keep us updated

 thanks, yes she is a keeper. She liked the first fiero gt and this one too. We met when I worked for a rock and roll band, bar band called yasgurs farm and that was enough. 6 days a week 14 hrs a day. Had to leave to use my GI bill.went to school to be a draftsm building on paper, , some mechanical design too and went to be a property survey draftsman.. I was cool and drove a Pontiac fiero gt

Well I still live and walk. Everything went well. I am feeling hopeless with the weather coming up because I can't help my wife with plywood. I live 8 miles from the beach. Everyone please be safe, God bless us all

How did you guys do Jim?
Looked like Jax got hammered.

I am blessed, never lost power , my wife put the plywood up. Lost one fence post. My back yard faces East and the screen in pool room did just is everyone else in Central Florida.


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