back surgery no. 7

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My spine lost another disk L-1/L-2 so I am having longer rods put in all the way to S-1. This time the dr needs to break a rib and go through the side of the body. He will be assisted by robotics. I am on disability and should have not worked on my own car like change a water pump. It was too much for my back. My car workes fine now but it looks like I will be giving it a break for a couple of months. The surgery is Sept. 20 and I should be there for 3 days, Baptist downtown Jacksonville Florida. Wish me luck. I will make a meeting one day, jim

Sorry to hear that Jim.
Take care of you.
Keep us updated.

Good luck Jim
Our thoughts and prayers are with you

 I am sure all at central florida fiero forum, will have you in thier prayers & atheist thoughts
we can only wish for your best is not fair but best wishes always help.
royal rotuness

Tuesday is my 30th wedding anniversary. My wife gets to sit in another hospital waiting for me to come out of surgery. She truly loves me and loves cars too. Thanks for all the support. I need it


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