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FierociousGT Build The FGTO build chronicles
Renaming build thread

Here is my build. I will have more detail and less BS here. I will also post stuff I can't post on PFF, comments, experience and more regarding this project.

I always like the Fiero Fastback since I saw it an automobile magazine back in the mid eighties while living in Quito, Ecuador, South America.

My '88 Fiero was purchased at eBay in Feb 2006 from a US Air Force personal in Goldsboro, NC.
Price paid was $6851 plus $540 transport to Orlando, FL. The whole process took a week and a half. Mentally exausting since I didn't see the car, trusted the word of a US Military that I was getting what was advertised to me and I did. I don't recommend buying a car from eBay without looking at it first.

Some options it came with are coil overs, GM 3800 SCII, 5-speed getrag, Borla exaust, and etc.
ebay Auction PDF - 3.55mb

During the time I've had my car I've wanted to modify the body. Found information on PFF regarding V8 Archie's 3" choptop, Mad-Arch widebody and Fiero Warehouse's IMSA widebody, Fiero Store's Turbo Scoops, Driven Vision's Extreme Hood Extractor and the most important experience from others who have venture into this unknown territory.

Image of modifications. Widebody mod not shown.

After not being able to find a reliable Fiberglass body shop in Orlando, I shipped the car to Archies with AM/PM Car Carrier for $650 (would have been $125 less due to broker) and I attended the Choptop Home Comming '07 (Sep 2007). Spoke with Archie regarding this experience with fiberglass bodywork and $$$.

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Relinking photos due to CFF site change.

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relinking eBay auction PDF.
Here are the choptop progress pics (courtesy of Archie).

- - -

- - -

- -

Rob's a tall guy :D!

- - -

- - -

- - -
Mad-Arch rear widebody install pics. Note this widebody runs from the front doors to the rear bumper. For the front end I'm using the IMSA kit (w/ lots of custom modifications).

- - -

- - -

'69 Camero bow tie wing (costumized for the widebody Fiero)

- -
Driven Visions hood scoop install pics. This hood scoop cost more money to fix then it's worth.

The BAD:
- First it is NOT hand laided fiberglass.
- Second too thick.
- Third warp in certain parts and not symmetrical in the scoops.

- DV customer support is very helpful and available.

You'll remember that this car had a hood scoop glassed into the original hood. We didn't get a lot of good pics of it but trust me, it would have taken weeks to make it look right.
So earlier in this thread we took the scoop out of the original hood because starting over on the hood scoop install would take a lot less time. These scoops typically have a lot of warp to them & vary greatly in the thickness of the fiberglass.

- - -

- - -

When we install a hood scoop, we try to leave the original ribs on the underside of the hood. So when we cut the opening in the top layer of the hood we are carefull to leave the ribs in place on the underside of the hood. The more of those ribs you can leave in place the more support you have for your insert & much of the original rubber seal will still be effective in sealing the front compartment.

However that requires that the hood scoop insert you are using is about the same thickness as the thickness of the cutout you made in the hood. That means we had to do a bunch of grinding on the fiberglass.

To get it to lay in there flat we decided to cut the scoop in half to take out a bunch of the warp....

Next we'll fiberglass it inside & out.....

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