Would you buy parts from Jacksonville, FL

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Trying to figure out this site.  I am parting out two cars...actually already removed the rotten carcasses.  I took everything off.  I am trying to recoup my costs, and help at the same time.  Please answer post and help me sell the parts.

OK, I have EVERYTHING from two Fiero GTs.  I was posting the parts on Pennocks, and realized y'all were right down the road where my daughter goes to UCF.  I meticulously disassembled 1 of the 2 cars,  the other was so full of critters I only took the hard parts and shipped it out.  nstraws@hotmail.com    I am in Green Cove Springs, and travel to Melbourne regularly, and to UCF.  I will be at UCF for my daughter's 21st B-day on the 20th.   

If you need anything, I literally bagged and tagged each bolt!   nstraws@hotmail.com

How much for
1. The piece that fits right under the steering wheel on the column (black or gray)
2. The "Dash Cover Piece" for an electric trunk popper - I have the switch
3. The Dash it self with gauges and the Trunk popper thingy

send me an email.  I would most likely have it all...just your descriptions would need a tiny bit clarified for a newbie.   nstraws@hotmail.com   

Ancient Mariner:
Do you happen to have a 2.8 that is in good shape? If so, how much?


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