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GT gauges and surround, grey $30. Center arm rest storage, grey $15

Open to offers, on trunk and hood too.

The box of parts headlight motors etc, and the big center thing with glovebox going to trash soon.

Does the trunk have the electrical popper thingy?
I'm interested in the box of headlight motors if any of the came from 87-88

Found I have another center gauge, cover (grey), gauges, wiring, bezel (cracked) no screws for bezel or AC surround they sit on $15, complete setup- AC surround (grey), gauges, cover (grey), wiring, bezel (with screws) $30 or both for $40. Also found 3 Grey GT map pockets $5 a piece, I thought I had 2 brown GT map pockets, did not even think I had any greys much less a odd number, will post the browns when (if) I find them and what ever is in box with them. Hood $15, rear deck lid (notch) $15, or both for $20. Also have the center console glovebox (grey) and box of parts free if not already taken, received PM wasn't clear if he wanted everything or just center console and parts, waiting for reply. Also have interior parts door covers etc, headlight buckets will go with other stuff.


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