Check this out - New Dodge Challenger

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Pappy wants one!!!

Holy crap an American Production Super Car

I don't think Ford or GM saw this coming - LoL

Just in case you missed it:
Supercharged 392 Hemi / 6.2L
707 HP - 645 Torque
0 to 60 - 3 sec range

Quarter Mile - 10.8
NHRA certified 10.8 @126 mph with street legal drag radial tires. *NHRA certified 11.2 @125 mph with production tires

Top Speed - 199 MPH

11.2 on assembly line tires is just plain sick!  :O

Check out totaled HellCat after 1 hour of ownership....  :crybaby:


Old Lar:
Unfortunately high horse powered cars are not for the unskilled driver.  It takes me a while to get the feel of how a new or different car handles.  When I drive one of my Fieros after cruising in my daily driver for weeks, I'm awfully careful.  Not the same handling car.

IM SAFE ?? fortunately when I press the pedal to the metal at the impromptu stop lite drag  ,My fiero feels like it is towing an old  school bus loaded with LARGE SIZE anvils .


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