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Author Topic: CELEBRATION EXOTIC CAR SHOW APRIL 12  (Read 3203 times)
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Saturday April 12


This year's show is going to showcase the debut (below) of the Mclaren P1, the successor to the Mclaren F1.

Among this year's celebrities will include Paul Teutel Sr., along with several Orange County Chopper team members, whom will be at the concours and at all of the VIP events throughout the weekend. OCC will also be showing 7 custom choppers at the concours, including the famous Make-a-Wish chopper!

also there will be the shredder from the battleship movie

and the lambo from dumb and dumber

There is also a STYX concert saturday nite at THE HOUSE OF BLUES in conjunction with the event. Tone Loc will also be performing.
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