Fast N Loud Ferrari Rebuild !

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Anybody else watching the rebuild of the Ferrari F 40 on the TV show Fast and Loud ??

They purchased a totally wrecked exotic for $400,000 and hope to flip it for over a million dollars.

Well the guy is flipping out now that he is in over $200,000 in labor and parts and the car isn't even done !

WTF was he thinking ?? How could he not expect it to cost as much ??? LMAO !

It is a freaking rare exotic car,...a ferrari !!  The frame was totally screwed and the body destroyed.

I am not saying he won't make a profit, but to not expect the cost is kinda,...well dumb.  :confused:


Old Lar:
I am watching the rebuild.  Many of the cars on Fast & Loud as well as Counting Cars are done as cheaply as possible with extremely short time frame rebuilds if any rebuilding is done.  Most of their rebuilds are ones I wouldn't buy.  The Ferrari rebuild, he is in over his head and having someone else doing the reconstruction.  The last blurb I saw was when installing the windshield, it broke and that glass was $7000.  :O

Keep in mind, it's ALL drama.   }:( 
I am watching it too, but this one's kinda over board.

You want to get top dollar for a Ferrari...
So let's take a wrecked one that should have been totaled out...
Try to rebuild it on the cheap...
Modify the engine...
Customize the interior...
Paint it black...

I would think anybody willing to spend a million on an F40 would want for it to be as close to original as possible.

I wouldn't be surprised if the original owner, took his insurance check and was just having Gas Monkey rebuild it for him. Yeah that's right. I suspect that the entire premise of this build may be a fabrication in itself.



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