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Seen a good movie, or been subjected to a dud ??

Share your thoughts or reviews on any new movies you might have seen ! Let's rate them on a 5 star system.

My first thoughts,...

IRON MAN - GREAT Movie !! I grew up reading the iron man comic book, but the great thing about the way this movie was done is you don't ever have to have read any comics at all to understand and enjoy.

The visuals are awesome and you will find yourself saying WOW many times over. i was very skeptical about Robert Downey Jr playing the starring role, but he surprised me and was perfect and very impressive.

i have a new found respect for him as an actor. Lot's of NICE CARS in this one too ! Downey drives the new Audi r-8 several times and it looks bad AZZ ! He has a really nice stable of exotics and hotrods in his workshop as well, seen throughout the movie.

I give IRON MAN 4.5 Stars !! Well worth the $.
P.S. comic fans, stay until after the credits, you will get a bonus hint about an upcoming project involving iron man !
SPEED RACER - I grew up watching the cartoon, so i enjoyed this movie. Very campy, so don't expect anything serious.

Nice visual stunts and effects and some cool looking cars. If you are not into speed racer you probably won't appreciate or enjoy this one.

** 2.5 stars IMO. **
I actually saw it twice ;D and being able to catch stuff I missed when I first time (like the Samuel L. Jackson cameo after the credits). IMO it's surpasses the first Spiderman (by a bit), but not Batman Begins. I loved the R&D and the stripper pole in the private jet too. ;)

It was great to hear that Marvel Comics invested most of the money ($100 mil) which gave then control to do the their way and not Universal Studios way.

I give IRON MAN 4.5 Stars.

Didn't get to see Speed Racer yet... Looking forward to Batman: The Dark Knight. But not to the Hulk.
Saw the Hulk this weekend. Forget about the Hulk (2003) movie. It was really good. Almost as good as Iron Man. Seems like Marvel had there hand in this project too!  :)

4 Stars
Quote from: FierociousGT on June 23, 2008, 08:32:16 AM

Saw the Hulk this weekend. Forget about the Hulk (2003) movie. It was really good. Almost as good as Iron Man. Seems like Marvel had there hand in this project too!  :)

Thanks for the info Dave !

I am a huge Hulk fan, but was exremely disappointed and disillusioned by the 2003 movie and was very skeptical about ever going to see this new one, but it is good to hear they may have gotten it right this time.

I will probably go see it this week.

BUCKET LIST - Watched this movie last night and as always Jack Nicholson is excellent. Even at his age this guy is still one of the funniest and best out there.

There are some medical scenes and situations in this movie that are hard to watch at times, but this movie will have you laughing, cheering, and maybe even a little misty eyed if the tear jerkers get to you.

We all wish we could go out like these two guys ! There is a very cool car scene in this movie and the secret about the coffee will have you erupting with laughter.

Pay attention to the very first scene of the movie on the mountain, make your assumptions, and then compare it to the last scene of the movie and what it really was or meant.

** 4.0 stars IMO  **
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