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 This article has a lot of block & performance info on the buick V6
the great ken dutwheiler is a contributor this is the engine of choice
for most fiero gear head droolers whe they think performance.many
Fieros have the Buick V6 because this will make a Fiero fly & get great
MPG unless you go with the supercharger which sucks gas.
this magazineis on the news stand racks now & is worth the price
offer to fill up the wifes car & short her a bit!! & presto,you got a few
hrynia to spend on the rag,or go to newsstand, like the cheap fornicator
you are!! read at news stand(I prefer albertson)


As sweet as it sounds with a sub 300lb Motor - I just can't justify 4K for just the block

I thought Land Rover was still making this same aluminum beastie?

The engine in the article is a RWD engine. It would need an adapter plate to fit in a Fiero.

Also Pappy, I think you're talking about the Buick / Rover aluminum V8. The 3800 V6 is actually a derivative of that engine.

By George you are correct - I was thinking of the V8! The old 215


And I'd drop that in a Fiero as well ;)
I wonder what kind of performance GM enGAneers could get out of it with current technology

Stan - Sorry for Thread Snatchin  :P


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