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Rules For Members Rides Thread
#1 - Forum Guide Lines must be followed
#2 - Only Fiero's (In the foreground - I understand backgrounds may be beyond your control)
#3 - Up to five pics per vehicle - Descriptions up to ten lines per vehicle
#4 - This thread is for Pictures & Descriptions ONLY - Comments Will Be Deleted
#5 - No Double Posting - Keep your stuff in one Post please
#6 - You can come back and edit your info for changes / updates  ;)

Name - Bob Pennone SR or You can use your forum name Pappy
Brief Description Of You Ride(s) - I have a 1988 Red Fiero GT...a Supercharged 3800...I hope to make it to Daytona 2013...
Picture(s) & Description(s) - Up to 5 pictures & 10 lines of description per vehicle

If you have multiple Fieros Rinse & Repeat the above - It doesn't have to be all formal and stuffy - Just have fun with it  :)

Bob Pennone SR
My 1988 red Fiero GT - 2.8L V6 - Automatic
This is day 2 of when I first got her - Oh yeah I took her bra off
Pretty much stock except wheels and quarter windows

Pappy (Bruto Man)
Mi 1988 Fiero GT rojo - 2.8L V6 - Automatico
Tiene un gran bloque 427 - Con 650 rueda trasera hp!   ;)

Old Lar:
Old Lar's 87 GT when it was new. Five speed getrag.

By oldlar at 2007-09-14

By oldlar at 2011-11-30

By oldlar at 2011-06-18

Power Tour 2011..still running after 24 years.

By oldlar at 2012-03-01

1988 GT bought in 1996, repainted 1997, 3.1L reman engine 1997, Gold wheels, 3.4L crate engine with t440 auto. in 98 or 99. Spooky graphic added 2000. Mr Mikes interior, chin spoiler added.

By oldlar at 2011-11-05

Church Street show.

By oldlar at 2011-09-11

88 IMSA wide body coupe built by V8 Archie in 1999. ZZ4 V8 five speed getrag.  I bought it in 2002 repainted Corvett electron blue metallic.  Scary fast and loud.
Robert and Glenda Probst
1988 CJB T-Top GT w/ZR2 extractor hood scoop
3800 SC ZZ Performance full stack Intercooled
354 BHP
ZZP modular pully, lower intake and TB heat insulator
WCF Headers
Sunbird Gauges
Mecham scoops
Removable rear window
Viewing window for engine
Midi controlled undercar LED's

2manycars (Marc and Barbara)
1985 GT, 2nd Fiero I owned. Bought her for $300
1.6 roller rockers, new valve seals, refurbed injectors, chromed heat shields, power sun roof.
My daily driver.

1986 SE (repaneled to GT). A CFF Fiero, bought from Eli who bought from Alec.
Cleaned and maintained, minor maintenance (ball joints, tie rods, etc.)
My show car

Hello all, i found a photo of my 88 base i had in 92.... so many memory's in that car... i put 52k miles on her in two years...

and here is my my current Fiero a 86 SE only 90k in mileage...look for more great memorys to be made...

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