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Author Topic: Beware of Gary Bulpin at Dave's fiero Farm  (Read 34230 times)
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To make a long story short,  I had Gary install headers on my replica with a 2.8 V6.  He screwed up the install,  charged me for an a/c compressor clutch that appears he never did just to get additional dough.  The exhaust still leaked after his install so I brought it back to him to check out and correct.  That's when he tells me it's a cracked head, he wants to do a complete upper end rebuild with new heads for $2500.  He could however, help me out though by installing a used 60K mile motor to replace my original 18500 mile motor for $2000.  :confused: Something didn't set right so I took it to a local shop who removes the a/c compressor and finds the exhaust gasket between the head and manifold wasn't even installed correctly and was leaking.  So not only did they botch the install and charge me for work never done...... but then tried to rip me further by attempting to get me for an upper end rebuild when an inmproperly installed header gasket was the culprit.  

 I highly recommend that everyone AVOID GARY BULPIN at DAVE'S FIERO FARM in Plant City.    :angry:

pics and link here:
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