1989 Lamborghini Countach replica build-highly Modded Fiero with V12

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Hi everyone,
 Well, here goes... This is my build of my dream car since I was a teen, a Lamborghini Countach. I've gone through several decision changes with this project. It started out that I was just going to build it as she was, but then a series of part finds and a new acquaintance changed everything. The very first thing I wanted to change was the tires I had on it as they were too high profile, a typical everyday tire. I scrounged Ebay auctions for a set of the proper Pirellis p zeros and got lucky, there was a set of front 225 50zr 15's available for bidding. This is a rare tire now, but by end of auction I had high bid of $88.00. The only thing that concerned me was shipping. I contacted the seller and found out it was a gentleman that lived about 35 minutes from me, his name was Mark. He graciously offered to just drop em off for me and to forget the shipping altogether, my first sign of Marks' generosity. I kinda put two and two together and called back Mark and asked him my burning question, did he have a Countach, as this tire size was made exclusively for one, he said he had a black 89 and would be at the upcoming Celebration show. It was at this point everything about my build changed. Now, instead of just building the car as it was and me being detail oriented, it was all over. The car I was looking to replicate was sitting in front of me so I had to make mine look just like it or I wouldn't be happy. Long story short, Mark has been super and aloud me to take tons of measurements and photos of his genuine 89 Countach. The following photos and descriptions will show you my progress. Enjoy the build along with me.


here's the photo Scott sent me that helped me decide that this body would work...so I bid on it and lost with 6 seconds to go.

I contacted Scott who I'd had a few conversations with and asked that if the winner didn't come through, would he sell the car to me...long story short, The guy that won it didn't come through with the funds, So...
I made arrangements to pick up the car from Tampa...

then back to my area on the roll back. It was funny to see all the drivers that were pretty much wrenching their necks and speeding up and slowing down to look at the car as we were driving back home. Here's a quick phone pic of the car up on the roll back heading back, it caused a lot of attention.

Then arrival and unloading of the car into my storage unit I'd arranged for it.

a few more of the car sitting in the unit.


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